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Basic Hive Price List

Varroa Life Cycle

Tools for Varroa Management – Caron 2015

DSI Disease Twins – Morris Ostrofsky

Disease Resource List
EPA-registered Pesticide Products for Varroa Mites 
Fall and Winter Management – Judy Scher – 8/19/2014
Fun Facts About Bees – Morris Ostrofsky – 1/20/2015
Know Nucs – Morris Ostrofsky 2015
Miller Method of Queen Rearing: Time Line – Morris Ostrofsky
Native Plants Attractive to Honeybees.
Pests And Diseases – Pam Levitt – 6/17/2014
Queen Introduction – Morris Ostrofsky
Reading Frames – Morris Ostrofsky 2015
Varroa Mite Management – Dr. Ramesh Sagili – 9/16/2014

Winter Death in Northern Climates