The first year I kept bees the hive swarmed three times. For a long time I thought this had been due to overcrowding or mites. Now I realize that wasn’t it at all. The ladies just wanted some STYLE. So this year they’re getting their choice of a Mountain Retreat or By the Sea in Provence. Once I set up the little saunas, sound systems and wide-screen tv’s, those gals ain’t leavin’! — Kathy Cope

Hive Painting2

Hive Painting1

 Central Coast Beekeepers at the Michael Bush event in Hood River, Oregon, April 23, 2016.


 Michael Bush gave a compelling talk on his natural, practical system of beekeeping using minimal intervention– techniques he has honed over decades. Many of his methods are contrary to “conventional” beekeeping theory.


2016 Oregon State Beekeepers Association meeting with Tom Seeley.