Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers

B & B Honey Farm
Bee Commerce, Weston CT
Beez Neez Apiary Supply, Snohomish WA
Better Bee, Greenwich, NY
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Moravian Falls NC
Dadant & Sons, Hamilton IL
GloryBee Foods, Eugene OR
Kelly Company, Clarkson KY
Mann Lake, Hackensack MN
Nectar Bee Supply, Corvallis OR
Ruhl Bee Supply, Wilsonville OR

Oregon State Beekeepers Association
Oregon Master Beekeeper Program
Washington State Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping Information 

All Kinds of General Bee Info 
American Bee Journal
Bee Culture Magazine 
David Cushman Drawings of Hives and Hive Parts 
David Cushman’s Beekeeping Info, England
HoneyBee Suite
Honeystone Candles 
Jamie Ellis’ Bee Disease Videos
Kelly Goodwin’s Blog
National Honey Board Information and Recipes
NHB Honey types and favors 
Ross Rounds Information

USDA Bee Labs 

How To Send A Sample To Beltsville, MD for Diagnosis
USDA Bee Lab Main
USDA Bee Lab Tucson AZ